Emcee Van was able to inspire curiosity and engage his audience that met our expectations as the appointed Emcee for the roadshow event. Monster.com.sg was very pleased with the series of shows, Thank you!

~Marketing Division, Monster.com.sg

y Dedicated and Reliable Professional Emcee Van hosted the Singapore Food Festival in Expo as well as the consecutive Indian Food Festival, Excellent Emceeing Ability and Adaptability to both Shows. 
Thank you!

A veteran Singapore Performer
& Business Owner

About me

Certified and Dedicated Master of Ceremonies (M.C, Emcee) and Professional Presenter, Van Ram is a UK, Certified Public Speaker from the College of Teachers in United Kingdom and a Teacher for English Speakers of Other Languages also is a Soft Skills Trainer by WDA.

Over 5 years of experience in events and ceremonies of all nature, he entertains, informs and educates his audience to communicate your heartfelt message to the audience.

He craft his messages with the Best Language Patterns (NLP),  and Professionally an English Speaker, he is also able to communicate in some Mandarin Chinese.  His belief is to provide good support and care and with clear communication, translates your event to a success and have you keep coming back for more!

I approach my work with a unique perspective that takes into account your needs and your individual style. My style and technique are broad and flexible, developed over years of training and experience. I have actively seek to improve on myself and create better event outcomes by embedded powerful communication techniques to influence the success of my events. I also actively conduct workshops and seminars on positive psychology in Singapore to over 30 organsiations adding greatly to my portfolio and increasing the value of theirs where I have been invited to talk.